Trail Report   Updated, 3/23/2015, 6:56:01 AM

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Scenic View Trail 12/15/2013

We are CLOSED for skiing and snowshoeing.  The forecast for today is for clear skies.  Check out the live camera feed from the lodge towards the High Point monument.  The trails are not groomed for classic and skate skiing.  A few bare spots are appearing on high spots on the trails exposed to wind during the season.   This week will still have some good snow and skiing, but it will be free for all:)

High Point Cross Country Ski Center has been featured on "NJ Mom’s list of 25 Totally Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas in New Jersey" this year! Their website is

New this season is miscellaneous grooming machinery for classic and skate skiing, ski rentals for all ages, snowshoes, and "Fat Bikes" for trial use only on the 8 km Monument (snowshoe) Trail.  

We will offer our rental gear for sale at a range of $150-350 (ski equipment) and $50-150 (snowshoes) depending on models of the boots, skis, poles, and snowshoes.  (Ask for Hans) 

When snowshoeing on the trails groomed for skiing we ask the snowshoers to stay on the edge of the trail to avoid damaging the groomed tracks. No hiking is allowed on the groomed ski trails, but dogs are allowed for skijoring.  We ask the skier to keep the dog out of the tracks.  Dogs must be on a leash in the park at all times.  (Feel free to share photos by emailing us at The Cedar Swamp Trail is recommended for beginner level skiers, the Lil'Hammer Trail is a nice loop to ski around with young kids, the Scenic View Trail has more rolling terrain to challenge the more experienced skiers, and the Steeny Kill Trail offers a longer back-country ski experience with the most change in elevation.  Wildlife sightings are most likely on the Cedar Swamp Trail. The ultimate view of NJ, PA, and NY is from the Monument Trail on snowshoes or the Scenic View Trail on skis. Check back for condition updates. 

We put down a lot more wood chips this summer and fall to be able to operate with minimal amounts of snow.  (Save this web page in your favorites to see trail report updates in the morning or at night depending on what "Mother Nature" sends our way.) Click to see" video from last season when all of our trails had super conditions.


Season Total:  78"               Ski Days:  54         Kilometers Open:  26 

Cedar Swamp 5-12" 0" 6 0/0 FRGR
Scenic View 5-20" 0" 4 0/0 FRGR
Lil'Hammer 5-9" 0" 1 0/0 FRGR
Steeny Kill 5-20" 0" 6 0/0 FRGR
Monument 5-23" 0" 9 Snowshoe FRGR