• Trail Report

Trail Report

3/5/2021 2:27 AM


The Ski Center will be OPEN for snowshoeing, but closed for skiing. 

Ski Center Video


Normal Operating Hours
Monday                                 9am – 4pm
Tuesday                                9am – 4pm
Wednesday                           9am – 8pm   New!  Night Skiing!
Thursday                               9am – 4pm
Friday                                    9am – 4pm
Weekends and Holidays       8am – 4pm

Ski Center Status:

8:13 pm, Thursday, 4 Mar. '21:  The "Wintercast" calls for temperatures below freezing for Friday with sunny skies.  The surface of the snow will be frozen granular/icy.  Temperatures are forecasted to be around 24 F at noon.  Snowshoeing will be available, but skiing is not recommended.  Online reservations have been deleted due to overwhelming numbers of customers signing up, filled parking lots to capacity, and unpredictable weather causing high numbers in refund/rebook administration.  For the weekends in February we have reached parking capacity and park rangers have closed the park between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.  (We are going back to "first come first serve" on all our services).  The best idea is to ski during the week, and the season is coming to an end.  We hope for the snow to last through next weekend or longer:)  The operation will be based out of a new ski lodge, (Interpretive/Nature Center) this season.   The public floor space is increased six times compared to the old ski lodge we used for the last 25 years.  Parking closest to the lodge is for 80 cars, and parking for handicapped skiers ONLY is next to the lodge.  Overflow is in the old lot for an additional 160 cars.  Increased lodge space is critical for a safer pandemic environment during check-in for trail passes, rental equipment, and weekend lessons.  The traffic flow inside the lodge is one way.  Please read all signs and follow directions.  We ask all our customers to limit their stay in the lodge on weekends and holidays to 30 minutes or less, and keep 6' social distancing. Bring backpacks to store your footwear when renting equipment to save a trip back to the car for storage and to enjoy snacks while on the trails.  Season passes are good for the following year any time our season falls short of 30 days of operation (37 days currently).  We are open for night skiing on Wednesdays until 8:00 pm.  Bring your headlamp or rent one in the lodge.  Thank you for making High Point Cross Country Ski Center your ski destination, and feel free to share any of your favorite photos by emailing <hpk@warwick.net>. 

Ranger Station
Ski Lodge (temporarily down waiting for new phone lines)


Trail Report

Primary Surface Condition: Frozen Granular/Icy

Trail/Loop Pick of the Day: Scenic View Trail, ... nice rolling terrain for intermediate skate/classic skiing - Open for skiing: 17 KM

Groomed: 17 KM Track set:  17 KM Skate groomed:  17 KM, Snowshoeing:  25 KM, Total trails open:  100% 

Snow Past 6 Days: 0"+ Snow Base Depth: 8-12",  Off Trail Snow Depth: 16-24", New snow:  0"

Technical Suggestions: Stop by the ski lodge for ski service or waxing. - First day of skiing this season:  17 Dec, 2020:) The Waxing Wizzard from Swix can assist you with choosing the best wax:  https://www.swixsport.com/en/tips/wax-wizard/ or we will give you tips and advice as the weather may change. 

 (6 / 6) Trails Open



Surface - Notes
Scenic View 3 km Classic/Skate Open for classic/skate skiing - Packed powder
Cedar Swamp 5 km Classic/Skate Open for classic/skate skiing - Packed powder
Lake Marcia 2 km Classic/Skate Open for classic skiing - Ice thickness 12"+ with powder snow on top
Lil'Hammer 1 km Classic/Skate Open for classic/skate skiing - Packed powder
Steeny Kill 6 km Classic/Skate Open for classic/skate skiing - Packed powder
Monument 8 km Snowshoe Open for snowshoeing


High Point Cross Country Ski Center has been featured on NJ Mom's list of 25 "Totally Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas in New Jersey"! Their website is njmom.com.  Jersey's Best Magazine also listed High Point XC Ski Ctr. as one of the New Jersey Winter Escapes.  

On 20 and 21 March from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm we will offer our rental gear for sale at a range of $150-350 (ski equipment) and $50-150 (snowshoes) depending on models of the boots, skis, poles, and snowshoes.  (Ask for Hans) 

We put down a lot more wood chips again this summer and fall to be able to operate with minimal amounts of snow.  (Save this web page in your favorites to see morning and night trail report updates depending on what "Mother Nature" sends our way.) Click to see video from last season when all of our trails had super conditions.