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At High Point Cross Country you can explore more than 15 km of trails groomed for skate and classic skiing, including 60% beginner, 15% intermediate, and 25% expert trails. We also offer flat trails better fit for children, handicapped, or visually impaired skiers. Another 8 km trail is designated for snowshoeing passing, the highest point in NJ.

Trails patrolled by the National Ski Patrol (NSP).

The trails are groomed for skate and classic skiing with a John Deere tractor, hydraulic tiller and two track setters, an Arctic Cat 4-wheeler with tracks, a roller, or a TidTech groomer with a scarifier and two track setters. The ski season is from 1 December to 31 March depending on snow.


60% Beginner

15% Intermediate

25% Advanced




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